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​​The individual assessment emphasizes work strategy and helps capitalize on people’s work preferences and abilities. With the help of a coach, the individual receives his or her personalized profile after completing a short online survey. The profiling insights help individuals be more effective by highlighting their strength areas and pointing out the areas where he or she is better off collaborating with teammates. The result is that individuals can take full advantage of their strengths and know the type of team members that will help them be at their very best.

At the team level, clients use the assessments to build high performing teams, solve challenges, and exploit opportunities.  The insights from the team version include the individual as well as information on the team’s and organizations strategic advantages, key strengths and weaknesses, what the priorities of the team should be, and the greatest team misconceptions. Cambri Resources helps turn these insights into actions – at the individual and team levels – so that clients can best take advantage of their results.

Team Coaching

A team or department within an organization is a collection of individuals all working together to create a whole that’s stronger than the sum of its parts.
That’s the theory….
In reality, those individuals have their own talents, flaws, prejudices, alliances and experience that shape how they interact with the set of colleagues they find themselves with. If any of these factors is weighted too heavily towards the negative, the result can be a team that’s not working efficiently or, at worst, is highly dysfunctional.
Team coaching is all about encouraging staff to think outside themselves and to carefully consider how and why others work in the ways they do. Through methods such as facilitated discussion and graphical illustration the process becomes exciting as group members see how they are the same, and different, and identify gaps which they can bridge.
The resulting insights means people are better able to relate to co-workers and more willing to form bonds, leading to more efficient, less conflictual environments.

Job Position Benchmarking

Businesses everywhere are seeking better ways to secure the talent necessary for their success. What talents does a job/Position require for superior performances? Only the JOB/POSITION has the answer, so let it talk and listen carefully. The job/position benchmarking process enables businesses to benchmark the job/position, assess the talent and find the best fit.

Depending on the benchmarking tool used, you can quickly determine the behaviors, values, personal skills and task preferences required for superior performance. The job benchmarking process makes it easy to remove common biases often associated with the hiring process. Instead, factual data based on job requirements provide a solid foundation for coaching and hiring success!

Talent Management

​​Talent management is all about making sure you have the right people in the right place and that they are sufficiently motivated to be effective and to stay within the company. If people feel valued, their attention will be on their progression, and that can only add up to positivity for them and their employer. Cambri Resources can not only help you to identify your top talent, we can also maximize and develop it further, making sure you know who is rising through the ranks rapidly.

Project Management

Cambri business and process improvement consultants can provide a wide array of expertise to facilitate and manage your key projects. From on-site or remote coaching to handling key tasks to full-scale project responsibility, we can support your change execution at whatever level of involvement fits your needs and resource demands..

Our expertise in project management services focus on both corporate and government clients. Cambri Resources has over 25 years of project management experience with a heavy focus on new construction.  We will simultaneously manage multiple projects from order acceptance through project close.  We will represent your business interest on the job site, ensuring a positive customer experience and a seamless installation. 

So you are not based at your head office or local office and let’s face it, try as you might, you can’t be everywhere. Cambri Resources Inc. provides Satellite Project Management Services.  If your company has an office, or services a client’s office in another city or country, you need a trusted company to rely on when it comes to planning, organizing and making things happen.

Emotional Intelligence

Type the words, Emotional Intelligence into your search engine and click enter. Literally thousands of resources appear to offer learning. You will find multiple models and definitions of emotional intelligence and, at the same time, quickly recognize that there is not one that is universally accepted.  Upon closer evaluation, you will observe similar content around self-awareness and self-management, as well as, relationship development and management.

People have strong opinions about what Emotional intelligence is and is not and why it is relevant (or not.) So whenever these questions present themselves, I encourage people to make it personal by asking them to ... "Think about the best and worst leader and/or colleagues that they have ever worked with. What did they do, how did it feel to be around them and what was the impact?"  These are simple questions that elicit powerful insights.

Here is what we believe.  Emotional Intelligence (EI) defines how we manage ourselves and how we relate to others.  It exists at the core of who we are as human beings and impacts all aspects of our lives – how we make decisions, manage stress and navigate change.  The good news is that Emotional Intelligence can continue to grow and develop over time through personal motivation, commitment, practice and reinforcement.

While emotional intelligence is not the only predictor of human performance and development potential, it has emerged as a critical competence for personal and professional success. Organizations (Public and Private) worldwide have integrated Emotional Intelligence into their training, development and coaching programs.

Traditional measurements of learning and human intelligence have focused on IQ, or cognitive intelligence, the ability to recall information, apply knowledge, learn new things and think rationally and abstractly. Emotional Intelligence (E.I.), however, is a more accurate predictor of success in life than a person's IQ.   

E.I. is the intelligent, personal and social aspects of functioning, also known as one’s common’s sense.  It is a measure of one’s understanding of oneself and others, the ability to relate to people and to cope with our immediate surroundings. Many studies have shown that these factors directly affect the bottom line.  One study, for example, showed that partners in an accounting firm who scored high on EI contributed 78% more in incremental profit than those without those strengths.*People with high EI know how to use their influence without having to rely on positional authority.  The real work in an organization gets done at the informal networks and it is here that the emotionally intelligent do well.

Technology Management

​​Managing today's technology assets can be a daunting task. Cambri Resources can assist you with those tasks.  Whether its understanding the technology to allow your employees to bring their own devices or delivering a seamless solution to remote office, we can help you utilize technology to delivers a cost effective solution.  Cloud computing, virtualization, security and business best practices are core competencies.  We also specialize in assisting with developing growth strategies for small businesses to limit their technology capitol expenses.  

Cambri Resources Inc.

Hiring Cost Reduction, Improved Retention/Turnover

​​Hiring the right person for the team and organization is key to success.  Utilizing formal assessments and benchmarking we get a clear picture of what your organization has and needs.  We then take that information and formulate a strategic hiring plan to cut your hiring costs by hiring people that fit your organization culture and team dynamics.  By hiring the right person for the team, morale improves, performance follows and your turnover dramatically lowers.  Retention will improve simply by better morale, improved performance, and a teamwork atmosphere.